The Beginning of the Switzer Family Vineyards Label The Story of the Shotgun House


Switzer Family Vineyards was established February 10, 2010, out of a mutual family adoration for fine wine. Our Vintage 2007 was produced a year later.

Coach Switzer developed his wine palate in the 1990s when coaching for wine connoisseur and Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones. “Jerry wouldn’t order anything but the best,” Switzer said.

“It didn’t take long to develop a better palate for the fine wine.”

the-history-2“My wine is inspired by the authenticity and simplicity of my shotgun home in rural Arkansas, built in 1895. You could shoot a shotgun through the front and out the back, and not hit a thing. There was a hallway down the middle with three rooms on each side. There was no electricity or plumbing. Heat was provided from a wood stove, and light from coal-oil lamps. There was something special about that old house, and I think there is something equally as special about our wine. I know, since I happen to be a Bootlegger’s Boy.”